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Baano TV (تلویزیون بانو‎) is a commercial television station operated by Baano Media Group in Afghanistan. Launched in July 2017 , it became one of the first terrestrial TV stations in the country dedicated to women.

Baano TV is available in the Kabul, Parwan, Kapisa, Logar and Maidan Wardak provinces of Afghanistan, and they started their transmission in Mazar-e-sharif in August 2018.

In September 2018, the channel also started their transmission on Al Yah Satellite Communications.


  • زن تلویزیون دافغانو ښځو دفعالیتو لپاره لومړنۍ سرچینه ؛ دښځو لخوانه دښځولپاره دافغانستان په تاریخ کې حسابېږي؛ تاسو کولای شۍ د زن تلویزیون خپرونې لاندي پتو باندې وګورۍ زن تلویریون

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  • Sada-E-Afghanistan is a private television network based in Orange County, California that was launched in December 2010. The channel had studios in Irvine, California, Fremont,

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